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SCV 101 | Kathye Armitage, Moms Demand Action

Uploaded 05/01/2019

Kathye Armitage, Moms Demand Action

Episode 40

Guest: Kathye Armitage, Moms Demand Action

Taped: April 19, 2019

On this episode of SCV 101, Bill Miranda talks with Kathye Armitage about the Moms Demand Action movement.

About the host

City Councilman Bill Miranda has hosted the radio program on KHTS, "Leadership Starts with You," and the television program on SCVTV, "Our Valley Santa Clarita." He is a recipient of a State of California resolution proclaiming his exemplary achievements in business and community service.

(c) 2019 Bill Miranda | SCVTV
2 Comments for SCV 101: Kathye Armitage, Moms Demand Action
  1. Roger Combs says:

    Ms. Armitage makes some statements which are untrue and misleading.
    1. She says that in other states anyone can buy a gun from a gun show or over the internet without a background check. This is not true. All gun dealers are federally licensed and required to obtain back ground checks before delivering the gun.
    2. She states that nothing has been done about guns in the 20 years since Columbine. This is also untrue especially in California. While it is true that nothing effective to reduce crime has been done, a number of semi automatic rifles and pistols are not allowed to be sold and even possessed in California. No guns are allowed on school campus even by state licensed Concealed Carry permit owners. Guns must be stored so they are not accessible to prohibited persons.
    This has not reduced crime, but has resulted in making it less hazardous to a school shooter who now knows he will face no opposition until police can arrive.
    While “red flag” laws may in some cases help, they can also be used to further a crime. Then the abusive ex-husband or boyfriend turns in his former spouse a possibly suicidal, he then knows the police have disarmed her so he can pay her the late night call and not face an effective defense.
    The action she should be demanding is to train and equip honest citizens to resist crime as police can’t be there in time to prevent a crime and can’t legally act until a crime is committed. Israel requires its school teachers to be weapons permit holders who possess and know how to use a pistol. They are the ones who are charged with the safe keeping of their students and school shootings stopped when that policy became effective.
    They should also be demanding an end to the “catch and release” program for criminals. Just look at how many violent crimes are committed by persons still on parole due to early release because someone says the jails are over crowded.
    Perhaps they should demand work programs for the recently released. It is a tragic fact that when someone gets out of jail, no one will hire him so he is forced back into the life a crime he may be trying to leave.
    We need to concentrate on the criminals and their actions and not blame the victims for the actions of the violators.

    • Teri Walker Caldwell says:

      Excellent comment, Kathy Armitage doesn’t get the whole picture.

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