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Five Minute Foodie | Noche Azul

Uploaded 05/01/2019

Noche Azul

On this episode of Five Minute Foodie, we visit Noche Azul, a unique Mexican restaurant that is using both food and art to give back to a greater cause.

We had the opportunity to sit down with founder, William Cervantes, to learn about his background as an artist, as well as his purpose as a restaurant owner. After being diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) in 2001 and being treated at City of Hope, he vowed that he would donate a portion of the proceeds from both Noche Azul and his artwork to cancer research organizations.

We also sat down with chef and co-owner, Juan “Junior” Perez, who showed us how he makes a few of his signature dishes that are influenced by his Mexican culture as well as his background in French and Italian cuisine.

Noche Azul is located at 23115 Lyons Ave in Newhall.

Visit their website here at

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