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SCV In the Movies | SCV in the Movies Premieres ‘Hit the Saddle’

Uploaded 02/17/2023

SCV in the Movies Premieres ‘Hit the Saddle’

E.J. and Bill are pleased as punch to present their first Three Mesquiteers movie here on SCV In The Movies. Noteworthy not only for the Mesquiteers, this film also features SCV Actor/Stuntman/Director Yakima Canutt and SCV Actor/Producer/Director J.P. McGowan. It also features a very young Rita Hayworth, back when she was known as Margarita Cansino. “Hit the Saddle” is fun, in that it’s not the usual plot of ranchers-vs-homesteaders-over-water-rights, nor is it the classic bad-guy-rolls-into-town-and-needs-killin’ trope. Rather this is an interesting look at the plight of wild horses in the early west. Enjoy!

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