| History: Warm Springs CCC Camp | History Moment

History: Warm Springs CCC Camp | History Moment

Uploaded 07/10/2024

Warm Springs CCC Camp | History Moment

During the Great Depression, in order to stabilize the economy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the “New Deal” program and created The Civilian Conservation Corp–or CCC–providing jobs for people across the country. The CCC’S main goal was to conserve and develop natural resources in land owned by the federal, state, and local governments. 

In 1933, as part of the program, Warm Springs CCC was established along Lake Hughes Road near Castaic Lake, housing and helping hundreds of young men learn new skills and provide an income for their families.

The men left in 1935 and headed to their next camp in Idaho to continue their work. However, the intricate stonework and fine craftsmanship is still visible at the camp, with multiple structures such as their sleeping barracks, lunchrooms, kitchens and other administration buildings still standing to this day. 

After the CCC program was discontinued, the camp served as a rehabilitation center for inmates and alcoholic treatment, shuttering in 2010. Currently, Hollywood Impact Studios now maintains the property and is working to bring rehabilitation back to the facility. 

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