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Legacy | Dyer Family of Canyon Country

Uploaded 10/01/2009

Dyer Family of Canyon Country

Legacy: Santa Clarita’s Living History

The Dyer Family of Canyon Country

Featuring Letty, Jim and George Dyer

Taped October 1, 2009

(c)2009/2016 SCVTV
4 Comments for Legacy: Dyer Family of Canyon Country
  1. Larry McClain says:

    My wife and I know Ester Dyer, she used to tell us about her family and Dyer Honey. She was in the first graduating class at Hart High School.

  2. Letty Ann, Jimmy and George Dyer and me on the far right in Forest Park

  3. Daniel Inez says:

    Sarah Dyer Darlene Inez

  4. I remember a Dr Dyer treating my mom at the Er at Henry Mayo I wonder if they are a relation ?

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