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OutWest Concert Series | California Cowboy Band with Jennifer Lind

Uploaded 02/05/2011

California Cowboy Band with Jennifer Lind

OutWest Concert Series

California Cowboy Band with Jennifer Lind

OutWest Boutique & Cultural Center

Old Town Newhall, Santa Clarita, CA

February 5, 2011


click to enlarge    The California Cowboy Band (Craig Ruppert on bass guitar & vocals, poet Steve Deming on harmonica) have been bringing their music to audiences for twenty five years. Touring the west playing Cowboy Treks, they’ve played clubs, festivals, and horse rides while developing a devoted audience. For the past five years, they have performed live at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, at the Melody Ranch. They have performed for The Rancheros Visitadores, The Catalina Los Caballeros and Vaqueros Del Desierto.

click to enlarge    The California Cowboy Band writes original songs, and steals the best sounds of Danny Timms and Kris Kristofferson. Rusty Richards, Bob Wills, Roy Rogers, Willy Nelson, and Merle Haggard are also big influences.
    Jennifer Lind released her first CD titled “Cowboy State of Mind” in March 2009. Lind has a flair for ballads and has a unique crossover sound of Cowboy / Folk style music that captures your attention.

click to enlarge    If the name sounds familiar, you may have heard of the Swedish Nightingale promoted by P.T. Barnum in the 1850’s named Jenny Lind. Jenny Lind was the first touring popular music artist. Barnum invented the game of artist tours, and Jenny Lind was his first such performer. Even though these women were born approximately 142 years apart, they have a few things in common. A passion to sing, a desire to raise money for good causes, and both were born in the month of October.

When Lind was asked about her musical background, she spoke of her talented family. Her mother Carol, was an Opera singer at a young age, and released records in her teens. She also recalls spending hours with her Grandfather, Pasquale Rosato in his bright sunny music studio. Lind would draw musical staffs across the chalkboard, and her Grandfather would instruct her where to fill in the notes. Pasquale taught accordion for over 25 years, and owned the Blue Note Music Store in Stockton California. At age 12, her mother bought a 12 string guitar for her. Lind asked her neighbor Russ (a Rock and Roll guitarist) if he would teach her a few chords. He taught her just enough to be able to work out a few popular Folk songs. The same guitar hangs in Lind’s house today.

Lind loved going to the Rodeo. She knew then, “Cowboy” was not just about the outfit … it was a state of mind. The Bull Riding event was her favorite, “as long as she was behind a ‘safe’ fence”. As a teenager she fell in love with Cowboy music.

At age 17, Lind put her guitar down, as life took a different turn. She met her husband Andrew (best friend, now ‘Sound Man’) in 1986. They were married in 6 months, and had three children together. Taking care of her family was the most important thing to her. Her husband stated, “Even though she stopped playing her guitar, she never stopped singing”.

Five years ago, Andrew purchased a new Martin guitar for Jennifer, and she soon followed her dream. She took a few guitar lessons, started performing, recorded her album and became a performing member of the Western Music Association. Lind crossed paths with what she calls her “Trail boss” Producer, Engineer, and friend, Jason Barney. Barney owns Talmage Studio in Gilbert, Arizona. With friends and talented musicians, together they produced this musical masterpiece … Cowboy State of Mind.
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