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OutWest Concert Series | Tom Hiatt and the Sundown Riders

Uploaded 04/20/2012

Tom Hiatt and the Sundown Riders

OutWest Concert Series

Tom Hiatt and the Sundown Riders

OutWest Boutique & Cultural Center

Old Town Newhall

April 20, 2012



Tom Hiatt    Cowboy Balladeer TOM HIATT is a nationally known western entertainer and songwriter who has performed to enthusiastic audiences across America. He has been voted “one of the top 5 acts in western music in 2011” by the Academy of Western Artists. Tom is the official Cowboy Balladeer of Back Country Horsemen of Arizona, and the Olaf Wieghorst Museum and Western Heritage Center. He is also a recipient of the 2010 “Spirit of the Old West Alive” award.

His CD, “Appaloosa Moon,” was the Western Music Association’s #1 CD of Winter, 2010. American Cowboy Magazine, in May of 2011, says, “Appaloosa Moon (CD) is poised to become a modern cowpoke classic.”

Tom’s band, the Sundown Riders, consists of Bruce Huntington on bass. and Ken Wilcox on lead guitar. Both contribute equally to the smooth vocal harmonies and intricate musical arrangements that compliment Tom’s warm, emotional voice so well.

Noted western music critic Rick Huff, of “Best of the West” Reviews, says, “Frisky is generally the kind of word you would use to maybe describe a colt… or a puppy, perhaps. Come to think of it you may spot both in the bouncing, wriggling enthusiasm of a Tom Hiatt performance!”

If you enjoy the western musical styles of Ian Tyson, Don Edwards, or Michael Martin Murphey, this is an act you dare not miss. Time spent listening to Cowboy Balladeer Tom Hiatt and The Sundown Riders is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face and warmth to the soul of all who love the great American West.

Bruce HuntingtonBRUCE HUNTINGTON, from Ocean Beach, California, plays bass, sings harmony and has been performing with Tom for 2 years. An exemplary musician, Bruce excels in not only the western genre but in several others as well. Texas swing, bluegrass, early jazz, and Brazilian are some of the styles in which he also demonstrates his vast knowledge and virtuosity of both the acoustic and electric bass. Bruce was in high demand for the shows and revues of Las Vegas for over a decade where he performed with such groups as “The Drifters” and “The Coasters.” Bruce is also a superb songwriter and has been nominated by the Western Music Association for “Songwriter of the Year” and has had three compositions nominated for “Song of the Year.”

Ken WilcoxKEN WILCOX, from Crest, California, plays lead guitar, sings harmony and has been performing with Tom for a year. Ken is a longtime admirer of folk, blues, country, bluegrass and western music. He especially enjoys studying the guitar styles of Red Shea, former lead guitar player with Gordon Lightfoot, and Leo Kottke. Ken has performed at many venues throughout the Southwest. He played guitar, slide guitar, and autoharp for nine years with the “Mark Jackson Band.” His first musical love remains getting together in a circle in front of the hearth and swapping songs and stories with family, friends, and other musicians. He and his wife Darlene have been known to put on some fun filled gatherings at their home, where no one leaves feeling unfed, physically or musically.

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