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OutWest Concert Series | Mary Kaye

Uploaded 11/03/2012

Mary Kaye

OutWest Concert Series

Mary Kaye, Singer-Songwriter

With Guest Artists Gency Brown and Robby Bausch

OutWest Boutique & Cultural Center

Old Town Newhall, Santa Clarita, CA

November 3, 2012



Mary Kaye    Mary Kaye Knaphus is a singer and songwriter who, with her Taylor guitar, shares the stories of the West in music and song. She was born in Texas and raised in Mississippi. As a young woman she moved out West and “married her a cowboy.” She now resides on a 100 year old pioneer homestead in central Utah with her husband, Brad, and their 10 children.

In 2010 Mary Kaye was named Female Vocalist of the Year by the Western Music Association. In that same year she also won the Crescendo Award for best new act and received a total of seven WMA nominations two of which were for best song. A recent news article declared, “Nominated for further WMA accolades in 2011, Mary Kaye is riding high in the Western Music world” (The Pyramid). Mary tours extensively and this year alone has performed in 10 western states and Canada.

Mary Kaye brings her sweet Southern sound to the songs and stories of the West. Her ability to wrap stories into enthralling songs and sing them beautifully has helped to quickly propel her into the inner circles of western music. Rick Huff of The Western Way Magazine stated, “With her singing Mary Kaye brings to the table one of the more captivating vocal presentations to come along in a good while. She boasts a wider than usual vocal range (from soprano to near bass), a very tight vibrato and dead-on accurate pitch across wide note spreads. They give her plenty of tools with which to express her music and she’s obviously in control of all of them.”

Another Western music expert, Marvin O’Dell of Musikode Records, said of her, “Mary Kaye is completely individualistic. You sense no influences. This is pure, marvelous, unalloyed vocal styling that comes as natural as a southern breeze…and her song writing is fascinating.”

In 2010 her CD, “Clean Outta Luck,” was on the top 20 western music charts for 12 months. Her latest CD, “The Real Thing,” has been enthusiastically received. It is rooted deeply in family, love, and God. It is said that the spirit of the West sings in every soul. Mary Kaye believes this and shares this spirit in every performance.
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