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OutWest Concert Series | Barry Ward

Uploaded 02/16/2013

Barry Ward

Known by his friends and fans as “The Bear,” Barry Ward derives the inspiration for is songs from his experience growing up in the heart of rural America. His singing and songwriting are a tribute to Western traditions and lifestyles that he shares with his heart.

As a fourth-generation farmer and rancher, he writes of the men and women whose lives are entwined with the seasons, the land, and the will of God. Barry began his life’s journey as a Kansas farm boy with cow manure on his boots and diesel fuel on his jeans.

From those humble beginnings, his journey has included performing at the Cultural Olympiad at the 2002 Olympics and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Along the way he has recorded eight CDs of mostly original music. In February 2013 he was presented with the Academy of Western Artists’ Will Rogers Award for Outstanding Song Of The Year, “Eli Crow” from his “West Of Dodge” CD.

The Western Music Association honored him in 2012 with four nominations: Western Album of the Year / Songwriter of the Year / Male Performer of the Year / Song of the Year.

2 Comments for OutWest Concert Series: Barry Ward
  1. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:

    What a wonderful show. I’m so grateful that you posted it and that you preserve these wonderful concerts. I missed that show and was happy to see it was up for viewing. Having grown up on the Bar C Bar Ranch in Baily County Texas, this was particually close to my heart both in songs and storys. I loved it.
    thanks again to all at SCVTV and BobbiJean and Jim Bell at OutWest!

  2. Bonifacio (Bodie) Dominguez says:

    Good song, great guitar and vocals; Good video.

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