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SCV NewsBreak | Monday, March 10, 2014

Uploaded 03/10/2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Friends and family members of 18-year-old Blake Cook of Saugus are mourning his tragic death.

Thieves stole more than a quarter million dollars worth of Jewelry in Saugus.

Three out-of-towners were arrested in a prostitution sting in Castaic on Friday.

Trinity Classical Academy became the first Santa Clarita school to claim two championships in two different sports in the same calendar year – and their opponents showed amazing sportsmanship during the game.

The Newhall Ranch Sanitation District board of directors will meet for the first time since the district was formed in 2006.

The popular tourist and historical attraction, Fillmore and Western Railway, could be on its way out, if the court approves a lawsuit filed by the Ventura County Transportation Commission.

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12 Comments for SCV News Break: Monday, March 10, 2014
  1. RIP young man……To the person who did this ” HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?”…… up you ******* !

  2. I hadn’t heard that the boy, Blake was drunk? Yes I heard about the driver but hadn’t heard they were both under the influence.
    Lets try to remember though that a family has lost a son, brother, cousin, nephew etc. Young adults are dealing with the loss of a friend. Should we not try to be compassionate? Or does his death not matter because he may have been drunk or under the influence? Did he deserve to die? I don’t think so. You never know what this kid might have done with his life!!

  3. I so hope they catch that nutcase and I hope justice is served for one in my life time

  4. Chris Kramer Chris Kramer says:

    The driver of the truck may not have even realized the kid jumped out of the car and that he hit him. The driver of the car young mr cook was in, however, knew full well what he was doing driving under the influence. That’s the prick that needs to hang…

  5. Too young……Barely began his life…..R.I.P youngster…..My condolences go out to fam and friends for there loss

  6. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    Hope they find that prick and hang him! Poor kid didn’t even get to have a life. That’s horrible.

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