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OutWest Concert Series | The Story Masters: Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington

Uploaded 09/08/2016

The Story Masters: Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington

Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington, both masters of the story, showcased their talent on Thursday, August 25th as part of the OutWest Concert Series.

Juni Fisher was born in the San Joaquin Valley of California and spent her early years training horses, as well as working on cow-calf operations. She now tours the country full time, delighting audiences with her original songs, storytelling and guitar playing. “Juni Fisher’s luminous intensity ignites her writing and her performances.” says one journalist. “At the heart of her unique and complex artistry is her ability to bring alive what become unforgettable characters and images, stunning stories that often carry a deep and compassionate reflection of the human spirit.”

OutWest - The Story Masters: Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington

Joe HerringtonĀ is known for his original Western Stories and Cowboy Poetry. Experience the warmth of homespun campfire stories told in Western tradition of honor, courage and rugged characters. His cowboy poetry is ranch-hand versed that will touch your heart and tickle your soul.

This performanceĀ of original songs and stories with Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington wasĀ a night to long remember.

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series is part of Thursdays@Newhall and made possible by SCVTV, OutWest, Repertory East Playhouse, and the Western Music Association California Chapter. Special “thank you” to the Magazine of Santa Clarita.

(c) SCVTV 2016
5 Comments for OutWest Concert Series: The Story Masters: Juni Fisher and Joe Herrington
  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a recording of the portion of the program after the intermission? I’m looking for a specific story, “Ridin With Big Red” by Mr. Herrington.

  2. Bobbi Jean Bell says:

    What a memorable evening this live performance was with the award winning singer/songwriter Juni Fisher – every song of her’s is a moving story that will take you from laughter to tears. And Joe’s original stories were mesmerizing – Jim and I kept speaking of them for many days after the show. This is one to watch and watch again. Thank you, SCVTV, for capturing this performance.

  3. Sue bonus says:

    Hope to c this next time

  4. Clint Bradley says:

    Iā€™ve been enjoying this great series for a couple of years now. Itā€™s fantastic to see so much real western music in one place. Keep up the great work!

  5. Steve Colf says:

    Thank you Jim and Bobnie Jean for bringing these series OTN. Also a big thanks to SCVTV for putting them on line. Other commitments kept us away for Juni and Joe but I got to see them this AM.

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