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OutWest Concert Series | Dennis Jay

Uploaded 12/08/2016

Dennis Jay

Dennis Jay brought the culture of Texas with him to the OutWest Concert Stage in his first ever appearance in Old Town Newhall.

Dennis is a singer, songwriter, guitarist who writes and performs original songs with roots in traditional country, Western, folk, blues, cowboy songs and Mexican ballads. He has spent years living, working, and traveling in the American West; from Arizona to Oregon, California to Kansas, Montana to New Mexico, North Dakota to Texas. 

His newest CD, “Western & Country,” was released in October and is receiving critical acclaim and air play. 

It has been said of his performance style “Dennis Jay reflects Gillian Welch’s talent for channeling antique voices from the lost history of American music. Jay, though, has picked that signal just post-Appalachia, somewhere in the bandwidth between Jimmie Rogers and Tex Ritter.” We’ve had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him first hand and knew you would enjoy him too. Bring a friend and be prepared for another memorable evening of live music.

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series is part of Thursdays@Newhall and made possible by SCVTV, OutWest, Repertory East Playhouse, and the Western Music Association California Chapter. Special “Thank You” to The Magazine of Santa Clarita.

(c)2016 SCVTV
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