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OutWest Concert Series | Walden Dahl

Uploaded 04/03/2017

Walden Dahl

Walden Dahl brought the Bluegrass and Country Western style to The Main in another installment of the OutWest Concert Series.

Walden Dahl is one of the finest Bluegrass and Country Western musicians around today. He recreates all of your favorite Bluegrass and Old Time Western hits that will have you tappin’ and clappin’ along.

Walden Dahl has written songs for such Bluegrass stars as Ralph Stanley and Alison Krauss and has performed all over the world. His band’s song selections range from traditional Americana, 50’s Oldies, Bluegrass, and Country. He crafts hits into country-spun hay covered gems. If you are fond of the movie, O’ Brother Where Art Thou and you remember Bill Monroe, Sons of the Pioneers, or Gene Autry then you’ll love Walden Dahl!

SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series is made possible by SCVTV, OutWest, Western Music Association California Chapter, The Magazine of Santa Clarita. Special “thank you” to FM 101.5, QCountry.

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