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NASA | High Schooler Studies Genes in Space

Uploaded 05/03/2017

High Schooler Studies Genes in Space

How are altered DNA and the weakened immune systems some astronauts experience during spaceflight related? The “Genes in Space” competition challenged students and teachers across the country to design an experiment to fly onboard the International Space Station to find out.

Anna-Sophia Boguraev’s experiment to see if the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) could study DNA alterations in space, won the challenge and launched to the orbiting laboratory in 2016. While it was determined PCR works in space and on immune genes, the results from the investigation could benefit efforts to use PCR technology to study epigenetic changes and how they affect the human immune system. The machine used for the experiment remains on the space station for additional scientists and researchers to use during other investigations.

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