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SCV In the Movies | Episode 74: Legion of Missing Men (1937)

Uploaded 01/04/2018

Episode 74: Legion of Missing Men (1937)

Bill & EJ are excited to show what is likely the first SCV In The Movies war picture!  (At over 70 episodes, we’ve kind of lost track ourselves!)  Shot at our own Vasquez Rocks in 1937 is “Legion of Missing Men”, where filmdom’s ubiquitous and immediately recognizable rocks stand in for the Atlas Mountains of Morocco!  The production manager of our flick is Scott Dunlap, maker of many films (mostly westerns) shot in the Santa Clarita Valley!



E.J. Stephens spends his days as an archivist/historian for a movie studio and his nights as a caped vigilante.

When not fighting evil-doers with derring-do and aplomb, E.J. writes Hollywood history books (which nobody reads), leads tours (which nobody goes on), and co-hosts “SCV in the Movies,” (which nobody watches). E.J. is also on the board of directors of the Friends of Hart Park (but he never attends the meetings).

He and Kimi, his wife, best friend and co-conspirator, live in Newhall.




Bill West is a movie nut who serves on the board of Friends of Hart Park, gives tours of the Hart Mansion and maintains the Friends’ website and newsletter.

In his “spare time,” Bill writes software for Walt Disney Imagineering, where he has contributed to Star Tours, Toy Story Midway Mania, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and other Disney attractions worldwide. Previously, he wrote software at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he met his wife, realtor and model Liliana West.

Bill lives in Santa Clarita with Liliana, their son Josh, and their pets which include Hannah the Dog, Luigi the Canary, Butterscotch the Guinea Pig, and a cat whose name he can’t pronounce but is Polish for “Kitty.”


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1 Comment for SCV in the Movies: Episode 74: Legion of Missing Men (1937)
  1. Cisco says:

    Great movie using the most recognisable rocks in the galaxy

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