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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 2-21-19

Uploaded 02/21/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 2-21-19

February Birthdays: If your birthday is in February, come to the Quad on Monday, February 25th, during lunch, to get your birthday cookie! Happy birthday from ASB!!


Debate Club: Come join the debate club! Come to room 801 on Thursdays at Brunch to learn more about your favorite subject, debate about it, or learn and debate about new subject or topics brought up by other students! Hope to see you there!


Fun Friday: Come join us in the outdoor stage to play some awesome games for fun Friday. There will be checkers, hula hoops, Giant Jenga, slam-O, and more.


Gold Medal Students: Congrats to the Gold Rush Gold Medal students of the week, Allison Berkland and Evan Lavo


SV Library: Attention students and staff.  The SV library will be closed the entire school day, including before school, due to testing in the library tomorrow, February 22nd.  Please take care of your library needs before that Friday, or after school that day. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Spurs Team: Spurs team would like to congratulate Andrea Alas and Alex Castro for being chosen as students of the month for January.  Both Andrea and Alex are hard working students who are willing to help others. They give their best effort in their classes every day!  Congratulations Andrea and Alex!


Sv Soccer Intramurals: Today in Sv soccer intramurals, Crossbar vs Canyon FC will play today at Lunch.


Clubs and Activities: Today in clubs and activities we have the trading card club in room 101, the pro bey club 206, and the debate club in room 801.

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