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SCV In the Movies | SCV in the Movies Premiere ‘The Virginian’

Uploaded 10/06/2023

SCV in the Movies Premiere ‘The Virginian’

Over the years many cinematic iterations of the novel “The Virginian” have been created and our hosts Bill West and E.J. Stephens are here to share a special one. They’ll be taking us through the original 1914 silent film that was partly shot here in the Santa Clarita Valley. After getting weary of the high altitude in Palomar Mountain near San Diego, the production crew decided to move things up to our very own Newhall. Keep your eyes open for familiar areas, particularly in the beginning of the film that was shot in Railroad Avenue.

We hope you enjoy this trip back to 1914 Santa Clarita and see how many Newhall landmarks you can spot!


For generations, movies have been reflecting the viewpoints and stereotypes of filmmakers, studios and the predominant culture. Within the films presented in this program, there may be offensive and incorrect portrayals of peoples, cultures, characters and behaviors. SCVTV does not condone these incorrect, outdated and offensive portrayals, but recognizes their existence as part of American and Santa Clarita film history. Stereotypes were wrong when the films were created and are wrong today. We acknowledge their damaginging and harmful effects. We hope that the presentation of the content in this program will enhance our understanding of eras before, lead to dialogue and especially a commitment to more inclusive filmmaking as well as a more equitable and representative future.

The goal of SCV in the Movies is to present films that were created in and by people from the Santa Clarita Valley. We welcome community feedback and ideas about the films and discussions in SCV in the Movies to

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