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SCV Arts & Entertainment | New Heights Artist Development Series | May 13, 2020

Uploaded 05/14/2020

New Heights Artist Development Series | May 13, 2020

Home Recording Techniques and Tricks is the next New Heights workshop to be offered by the City of Santa Clarita, however, rather than an in-person program, they are offering a virtual experience. The New Heights: Artist Development Workshops, which is designed to assist artists, performers, and arts organization representatives to expand their knowledge and to learn valuable tools to increase their ability to be successful. The series comprises workshops, panel discussions, and art trips that are designed to engage creative individuals, no matter what level of experience.

Music Engineers Jim Jeffrey and Steve Leavitt will each discuss their home recording techniques in a workshop video posted for your viewing pleasure. Learn about effective ways to record various instruments and vocals. Discover new ways to develop a recording project, and find out about tools and tricks used when home recording.

City of Santa Clarita | 2020

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