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SCV Arts & Entertainment | New Heights Artist Development Series | July 10, 2020

Uploaded 07/10/2020

New Heights Artist Development Series | July 10, 2020

Join us for Getting Your Art into Movies and Television, a workshop that will examine how you can have your art featured in movies and TV. This panel is comprised of a set director, as well as an artist that has successfully had their art included in motion pictures and television. The panel will discuss practical tips on how to approach production companies, television shows, and others, and provide you with some tips. Featuring Nick Goodman and JC Ayres.

Learn more about our panelists:

NICK GOODMAN Born in London. Educated at the French Lyçée in London, where I learned to speak fluent French. Worked in the Music business in London during the ‘swinging sixties’. In 1986 I moved back to Los Angeles. Through my contacts in the Music Biz I landed jobs on Music Video sets. I went to work for an English Art Director. I was his right hand for a few years. I have been an Art Director/Production Designer for over 20 years and I love it, even the smallest, simplest jobs are fun for me.

JC AYRES During college Janine began developing her own artistic style. First came a series of abstracts and then futuristic space art and landscapes and then character design. While living in the Venice beach area she discovered Roger Corman’s movie studio. She began working there as a scenic artist, then continued to work in the entertainment industry for over ten years as a scenic artist, prop maker and set dresser for companies like Universal Studios and Walt Disney. Over the past thirty years Janine has sold over 250 paintings. Some of her collectors are: Actor, Robert Downey Jr., X-Files creator, Chris Carter, Writer/Producer Paul Davids and City of Santa Clarita Arts and Events Director, Jeff Barber. Janine’s art has been featured on TV shows like “Friends,” “NCIS,” “Six Feet Under,” “The Medium,” and “According to Jim.” Her art was also featured in the Oliver Stone movie, “The Doors.”

City of Santa Clarita | 2020

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