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SCV Arts & Entertainment | New Heights Artist Development Series | July 30, 2020

Uploaded 07/31/2020

New Heights Artist Development Series | July 30, 2020


Nicole Lomaglio – Spotify & Instagram
Nicole Lomaglio is a recording/performing artist and music producer. She is the lead vocalist in Pop music sibling duo Nicole & Scotty, which has cultivated an impressive following since first making their debut to the music industry as Lisa Marie Presley’s supporting act in 2013. The duo’s original music has over 100,000 collective streams on Spotify, and their music has been featured on major music publications such as Billboard Sound, AXS, and Music Connection. The duo also have a sizable social media following, which Nicole manages herself.

Chris Edgar – CD Baby
Composer and songwriter Chris Edgar has written music for film, theater, TV, and digital series. Edgar has scored award-winning films, including “Ghost in the Gun,” which won numerous film festival awards for Best Original Score; the movie musical “The Breakout: A Rock Opera”; and his animated musical “Steve’s Quest,” which won numerous awards including the International Academy of Web Television’s Best Animated Series Award and the Best Original Score Award at the Hollyweb festival. Edgar has also toured as a drummer with signed recording artists.

Mia Muze – Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, others
Mia Muze is a recording artist, producer, songwriter, singer, fashion model and digital media publisher. Mia is a self-produced independent solo artist who has been in the music industry since 2006. She has recorded over 60+ track releases, and holds a Bachelors in Popular Music issued by the Gold Coast Conservatorium (Griffith University) Australia. Known as “The Versatile Vocalist,” Mia can perform in many genre styles and is appealing to a diverse range of audiences. Mia is a profound songwriter who has collaborated with hip hop and rock groups and was acknowledged by the Gold Coast Music Industry Awards in 2015 as a nominee for “Artist of the Year” and ‘The People’s Choice.” Proud Australian National; Mia was born in Japan, but raised in Sydney.

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