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Saxtravaganza | Saxtravaganza 2011

Uploaded 07/17/2011

Saxtravaganza 2011

Saxtravaganza 2011

Kathleen Maxwell

Golden Valley High School

July 17, 2011



• Radetzky March (J. Strauss/K. Abeling)

• Fiddle Tunes Medley (Traditional)

• Capriol Suite (P. Warlock/A. Cook)

• Marche Militaire (F. Schubert/G.E. Holmes)

• Opening Oriental (Brown Brothers)

• Fantasia on the Dargason (G. Holst/A. Cook)

• Get Out of Town Fast (C.J. Tasner)

• Tile Trot (R. Penso/J. Hoover)

• Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)

• Portrait of a Flirt (Farnon/White)

Music Director
Kathleen Maxwell

Guest Conductor
Matt Ballard

Soprano Sax
Christopher Elchico
Jeff Kodell
Kathleen Maxwell

Alto Sax
Matt Ballard
Julia Chittum
Drew Finch
Jim Graves
Kyle Jiminez
Andrew Randall
Brenda Rogers
Christopher Sorensen
Hannah VaVerka

Tenor Sax
Dennis Akkeson
Enrique Chavez
Steven Griggs
Jason Libby
Tommy Supple

Baritone Sax
Laor Glukhovsky
Alex Jacobson
Jonathan Maxwell

Bass Sax
Darin Smith



Saxtravaganza was started in 1999 by Kathleen Maxwell as an outgrowth of her research in historical saxophone performance. Since then, the group has grown into an important mentoring group for this area’s saxophonists. Private teachers, band directors who play saxophone, and seasoned professionals are all encouraged to join. A certain level of proficiency is required of all who plan to participate, and auditions are held during the month of June. Music arrangers are also encouraged to submit materials for reading. This provides the group with some of its most enjoyable music. 

The saxophone ensemble has a truly unique sound and dynamic range. There is plenty of evidence that very large ensembles with as many as 100 players were formed during the early part of the twentieth century. Their popularity may have been driven by their use in ragtime and vaudeville. Ms. Maxwell attributes the traveling organizations of John Phillip Sousa and others with being an even bigger factor in the first saxophone craze. Since that time there has only been a few scattered revivals of this music.

(c)2011 Kathleen Maxwell
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