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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 25

Uploaded 10/02/2013

Episode 25

Episode 25 | October 2013

“Solid Gold” Grammy-winner Wynonna Judd, and Olympic gold medalists Anthony Ervin and Cullen Jones. Plus  the non-profit events Million Meals Marathon, Empowering Hearts Kickoff, and a look at beginning water safety.


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2 Comments for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 25
  1. Gloria says:

    Solid Gold – from legendary Grammy-award winning entertainer to Olympic gold medalists, plus SCV’s heart of gold community outreach events to save lives and empower individuals. Be inspired to go for the gold in your life:)

  2. Aquatic Safety says:

    Such an inspiring show! Our hometown hero, Anthony Ervin, is so encouraging for kids. Cullen Jones, such a heart for water safety. And thank you for sharing life-saving, educational and motivational shows on SCVTV.

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