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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 38 | Empowering HeArts Gala

Uploaded 12/01/2014

Episode 38  | Empowering HeArts Gala

Episode 38


Gloria Locke takes us inside the 5th annual Empowering HeArts Gala on November 1, 2014 at the Dianne G. Van Hook University Center.

©2014 Gloria Locke | SCVTV
1 Comment for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 38 | Empowering HeArts Gala
  1. SCV-Arts & Entertainment says:

    And featuring…the stellar talent of the SCV Youth Orchestra. Many amazing young musicians (ages 6-20) including a 9-year-old harpist. Bravo! Keeping arts in education alive at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center. #scvyo #artseducation #scvarts

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