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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 39 | Christmas

Uploaded 12/15/2014

Episode 39 | Christmas

Episiode 39

©2014 Gloria Locke | SCVTV
2 Comments for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 39 | Christmas
  1. SCV-Arts & Entertainment says:

    It’s Christmas! The meaning of Christmas shines through our Christmas show featuring singer/songwriter/worship leader, Tommy Walker; award-winning filmmakers project “The Space Between, and Rockapella featuring Hart High Show Choir at the PAC! Merry Christmas from SCV-Arts & Entertainment

  2. SCV-Arts & Entertainment says:

    The meaning of Christmas shines through in this show featuring world renowned worship leader, Tommy Walker, award-winning filmmakers “The Space Between”, and the impeccable harmonies of Rockapella with special guests Hart High Show Choir:)

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