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Uploaded 04/03/2015


Video by Gloria Locke

It is not everyday that a museum opens in a city. But today, Passages opens to the public with a private collection of biblical relics, historic documents, and artifacts as part of a worldwide traveling exhibition.  It is only one of six exhibitions in the United States and has displayed in Jerusalem and Rome.
Just in time for Passover and Easter, visitors can view actual artifacts from remnants of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible that went to the moon.  There is a working replica of the first Gutenberg Press with a costumed printer providing oration while visitors print a page from the past. There are other interactive activities for children and adults.
Passages massive collection is housed at the former OSH hardware store at the corner of Bouquet Canyon and Newhall Ranch Road.  Day passes and season passes are available for the exhibition which continues through February 2016.

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