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| Beyond AD Taping In Santa Clarita

Uploaded 04/29/2015

Beyond AD Taping In Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita residents are invited to attend tapings over the next 8 weeks of “Beyond A.D.,” a half-hour companion series to NBC’s “A.D: The Bible Continues.”

Hosted by Jason Kenndy of E! News, each episode of “Beyond A.D.” is taped Tuesday nights before a live audience at the Real Life Church in the Valencia Bridgeport shopping center.

According to NBC, “the half-hour digital companion series will serve as a discussion platform for fans, cast, producers and special celebrity and musical guests. ‘Beyond A.D.’ will cover both the historical and spiritual topics depicted in the broadcast and offer the chance for fans and audience members to interact with cast, producers and special guests.”

David Goffin (“American Idol,” “Rock Star”) and Ben Beatie (“Survivor,” “Rock Star”) are executive producers. “Beyond A.D.” is a VIMBY production.

beyondad“We are breaking some records for NBC,” said production executive Jeff Jenofsky. “This little digital show is reinventing the wheel in a sort of way.”

More than 350 people were in attendance the first week, but the church can hold nearly triple that, Jenofsky said.

Guests scheduled to appear at the May 5 taping are James Macdonald, Kirk Cameron, Chipo Chung, & All Sons & Daughters as the musical guest.

For free tickets, click here. For more information about the show, click here.


Beyond A.D.

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  1. Leticia Mijares do you watch this series? We should go to this.

  2. Elyse Karsik Elyse Karsik says:

    Rick Baird Erica Baird look at this!

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