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Circus Vargas Returns | Acrobats, Contortionists and Magic; Circus Vargas is Back

Uploaded 06/19/2015

Acrobats, Contortionists and Magic; Circus Vargas is Back

An experience, that’s what it’s all about.

The smell of roasted peanuts and popcorn drifted through the air opening night at Circus Vargas on Thursday.

Around 1,250 people filed into the big top at Westfield Valencia Town Center to experience the magic that is the circus.

“It’s my job, on a daily basis at Circus Vargas as the host, to make sure that every person who walks into the big top has the experience of a lifetime, ” said Jon Weiss, host of Circus Vargas.

Once inside, spectators will witness a myriad of performers including amazing acrobats, funny clowns, a contortionist and magicians performing their illusions.

Weiss serves as the ringmaster who keeps the crowd going by cracking jokes and makes sure the audience stays on their toes.

Originally hailing from New York, he has been in the circus business for the majority of his life.

“I’ve been doing this about 35 years now,” said Weiss. “I basically started as a clown, I went to clown college, became a professional clown for the circus then I was the human cannonball for the circus.”

Vittoriao Arata, the tent and security supervisor, is a sixth generation circus performer. He began walking the tightrope when he was only 5-years-old.

“I’ve been in like 40 different circuses throughout my life, performing,” said Arata.

Circus Vargas will be at the Westfield Valencia Town Center until Monday, June 26 with their last performance at 7 p.m.

To find out about showtimes and tickets log on to

“Opening night is exciting,” said Arata. “Because it’s always a new town, you know, where people expect us to have a good show.”

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