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The ArTree Speaker Series | The ArTree Speaker Series: Artist, Painter Bill Davis

Uploaded 06/23/2017

The ArTree Speaker Series: Artist, Painter Bill Davis

The ArTree Speaker Series presents award winning artist Bill Davis.

With a life-long love for surfing, Bill believes immersion in the surfing culture measurably affected his imagery and palette. He’s been creating art, in one form or another, all his life.

Davis has worked in just about every creative commercial visual field available. While working in the graphic arts department at NBC, he spent his time body painting go-go dancers for Laugh-In, creating over 200 pieces of More to Come art for The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson and designing The Gong Show logo, among countless other projects. He designed TV commercials for Chevron, McDonalds, IBM, Toyota, and AT&T. He has also led creative teams for video game companies Sierra Online, Rocket Science Games and iWin. Davis has received numerous awards and among them, a national primetime Emmy award.

In 1991, he began to create fine art works, alongside his commercial pursuits, under the alias Trowzers Akimbo. He wanted to avoid confusion with the myriad other Bill Davis’ out there painting. He’s yet to run into another artist named Trowzers Akimbo.

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