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| 25th Anniversary Cowboy Festival Gala

Uploaded 05/01/2018

25th Anniversary Cowboy Festival Gala

The 25th Anniversary Cowboy Festival Gala celebrated 25 years of the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival!

This magical evening under the stars includes fine dining, drinks and music with a number of past Walk of Western Stars Honorees and Cowboy Festival performers, including Don Edwards, Waddie Mitchell, Dave Stamey, New West, and R.W. Hampton.

Live musical performances by Mikki Daniels and Kristyn Harris.

(c) 2018 SCVTV
1 Comment for : 25th Anniversary Cowboy Festival Gala
  1. Bobbi Jean Bell says:

    Thank you for capturing this special evening – fun, entertaining, and a memory maker. Loved seeing all the performers honored by Friends of Hart Park as well as the performances by Mikki Daniel and Kristyn Harris.

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