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Unchained SCV | Unchained Presents: Plastic Otters

Uploaded 11/08/2019

Unchained Presents: Plastic Otters

The finest musical programming since the dawn of broadcast television, Unchained Presents is an archive of some of humankind’s most pertinent artistic expressions. In this never-before-seen tape from 1973, the celebrated troupe of sculptors known as Plastic Otters demonstrate an immaculate feat of craftsmanship.

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by:
Nic Addante
Justin Ramer

Concept by:
Nic Addante
Justin Ramer
Jedd Caballero
Janelle Brosnan

Plastic Otters:
Tev Bernstein – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Miles Knight – Lead Guitar
James Sklena – Bass/Vocals
Tommy Welsh – Keys
Nicki Chen-Walters – Viola
Nate Ramer – Drums

(c)2019 Unchained SCV | SCVTV
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