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SoundCheck | Soundcheck Season 2, Episode 1: David Knopf, HAMMER, It’s Butter

Uploaded 07/30/2020

Soundcheck Season 2, Episode 1: David Knopf, HAMMER, It’s Butter

Soundcheck, the music show which highlights SCV based musicians and their original music, is bringing you the sweet melodies of David Knopf, strong metal sounds of HAMMER, and the alt-rock happy music of It’s Butter, in this first episode of season two.

More on David Knopf
David Knopf is a solo artist, hoping to bring listeners a “beautiful memory you didn’t know you had or notice a flower you just passed along your morning commute.” Additionally, he writes his music to bring a smile on his listener’s face. David Knopf released his single, “Inner Winter”, in 2020. In 2019, he released his EP, “Old Habits Die Young”. To hear more from David Knopf, follow him on Spotify (Knopf) and Instagram (@theknopf).

More on HAMMER
HAMMER was formed in Santa Clarita around 2004. HAMMER has produced multiple demo records, such as “Kill or be Killed”, “Metal Madness”, and “Armed and Heavy”. Their debut album, “Immortals” was released in May 2020, along with a music video for the single “Armed and Heavy”. To hear more from HAMMER, follow them on Spotify (HAMMER), Instagram (@hammer_band_official), Facebook (, and Twitter (

More on It’s Butter
It’s Butter is an alt-rock band “creating happy music for anxious people”. Their blend of pop, rock, and R&B is put together by Britta Raci and Diego Patino. In 2016, It’s Butter released their self-titled EP, introducing their unique blend of honest lyricism, catchy choruses, and unique drum grooves. It’s Butter’s recent single is called “Drugs”, which can be found on their recently released EP, “Not Feeling Human”. To hear more from It’s Butter, follow them on Spotify (It’s Butter) and on Instagram (@helloitsbutter).

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