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SoundCheck | Odd Ours and Fierce Brosnan

Uploaded 04/30/2019

Odd Ours and Fierce Brosnan

SCVTV’s newest music show “Soundcheck” kicked off its premiere with electrifying performances from Odd Ours and Fierce Brosnan at The MAIN theater in Old Town Newhall.


About Odd Ours

Odd Ours is a psych-rock band combining heavy rhythms with ambient melodies and have been performing in the Santa Clarita Valley since 2016.

Led by bassist Harrison White, the psychedelic power-house creates a sound scape that is “sweet enough to top with sprinkles, and loud enough to piss off the neighbors”.


About Fierce Brosnan

Fierce Brosnan, the surf-rock outfit group, began in 2015 with a combination of 50’s surf, 70’s psychedelia, and 80’s punk.

Led by guitarist Nick VaVerka, the band enjoys local taco trucks and playing in backyards.


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