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SCV Arts & Entertainment | Episode 26

Uploaded 10/23/2013

Episode 26

Episode 26 | October 2013

“Artists for Good” Singer/songwriter Hailey Belle helps raise awareness about child-trafficking. Author and filmmaker,Emily Iland advocate for autism safety. Non-profit event feature: Zoe Children’s Home.


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2 Comments for SCV Arts & Entertainment: Episode 26
  1. Emily ILAND says:

    Thank you Gloria for sharing the story of BE SAFE! I hope that families and professionals will be glad to have these tools to help teens and adults with Asperger Syndrome, autism and similar conditions learn how to interact safely with the police. I also really enjoyed Haile’s beautiful songs.

  2. Gloria says:

    “Artists for Good” featuring 12year old Hailey Belle using her dynamic vocals to help Zoe Children’s Homes – plus hear from Zoe director about the Nov 9th Rescue Walk. Emily Iland uses art and film to help people with autism, especially teens, be safe with “Be Safe. The Movie.” View highlights from the Walk for Life as the SCV Pregnancy Center celebrates 26 years serving Santa Clarita. No matter what age, we can use our gifts and talents for good:) Thank you SCVTV for all you do in the SCV.

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