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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Imag_ne

Uploaded 01/01/2020


The “Imag_ne” sculpture resembles large oversized Scrabble tiles assembled side by side to spell out the word “Imagine” – except the “I” of the word is missing. The blank space invites people to stand in place of the missing “I” to help complete the word. The sculpture also encourages passerby’s to allow a space in their day for imagination – an objective that the Valencia Library aspires to achieve every day with their free and educational community resources and programs. “The capacity to imagine is an inherently human characteristic, shared by all. Its power inspires us to imagine new possibilities, and different ways of looking at the world and each other,” states artist Emma Anna.

The concept for “Imag_ne” was originally conceived as a major project to support Emma’s work towards a Master’s in Public Art, at RMIT University in Melbourne. What began as a university project, became an internationally acclaimed public sculpture that would travel around the world to places such as Florida and Denmark.
This sculpture is just one of many public art pieces installed throughout the City of Santa Clarita.

You can find Emma Anna on Instagram @e_m_m_a_a_n_n_a
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