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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Western Movie Star Projection at Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Uploaded 05/30/2022

Western Movie Star Projection at Roger Dunn Golf Shop

The temporary art piece was created by CalArt’s Associate Director of Film and Video, John Hawk, as well as the CalArts Multichannel Video installation Class.

The projection was displayed between April 21-23, during the ‘SENSES’ Block Party, in Old Town Newhall.

Artist statement: “As an artist/filmmaker my interests are diverse. I approach my abstract single channel video work in the same way I improvise musically, working spontaneously and recording the results which I then edit at a later date. This work would be considered poetic or lyrical. I have also done a number of experimental documentaries and installation pieces which have a more socio­political undertone. I see no disparity in what some would call fine art and work that is considered craft. I was a guitar builder for many years and have deepest respect and regard for the craft of musical instrument making and craft in general.”

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