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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Dale Voelker ‘Sketchy Figures’ Gallery at Valencia Library

Uploaded 03/26/2024

Dale Voelker ‘Sketchy Figures’ Gallery at Valencia Library

“Sketchy Figures,” is a solo exhibition by Dale Voelker, on view at the Valencia Public Library now through May 30.

Voelker’s work is about contemplation: pausing for a moment to appreciate the history in our lives. He asks the viewer to step off of life’s speedy treadmill and analyze these imaginary timelines he makes with vintage paper and paint.

Using reclaimed paper, manual, magazines, and textbooks, Voelker creates layered artwork that demands more than the casual glance. His art is about juggling time, color and balance. He strives to create art that is bold, physical and has an overall element of fun. His editing process is about layering — adding and covering back up. Voelker’s current work is rugged and blends areas of control with those of absolute chaos, wielding paint, markers, spray paint and using whatever tools he can find to make a mark.

For inquiries and to purchase artwork, please contact the artist directly. Delivery will be arranged after the show ends on May 30, 2024.

Dale Voelker | | |@DaleVoelkerFineArt

For more information about upcoming art opportunities with the City of Santa Clarita, please contact Stephanie Jacinto at

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