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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Finding Art Spotlight: Edwin Vasquez

Uploaded 03/05/2024

Finding Art Spotlight: Edwin Vasquez

Public artist Edwin Vasquez shares his new exhibit, The Joshua Tree Chronicles featuring images enhanced with artificial intelligence. His multidisciplinary series focuses on the significance of the Joshua Tree, or Yucca brevifolia.


By: Edwin Vasquez

While the Joshua Tree Chronicles initially evokes the idea of a written or textual account, the term can also be expanded to encompass visual representations and multimedia documentation. Through a fusion of photography, mixed media, recycled materials, digital art, AI-generated images, poems, and video. He aims to show the trees in a way for viewers to see differently and perhaps pay attention to the problems they face in the Antelope Valley.

The Joshua Tree stands as an iconic symbol of endurance in the arid landscape of the southwestern United States. The distinctive silhouette embodies the essence of strength and determination, weathering the harsh desert conditions for centuries. Yet, the very forces that shaped its resilience now pose grave challenges to its existence.

Climate change, habitat loss, wildfires, and human activities have all converged to threaten the Joshua Tree’s survival. Its habitat, once vast and diverse, now faces fragmentation and encroachment. The tree’s struggle becomes a reflection of the broader ecological crisis unfolding before our eyes.

Vasquez’s work can be found on his website, as well as on instagram, and facebook.



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