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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Creativity as Limitless as the Skies: See How COC’s Aerospace & Science Team Intersected Science with Art

Uploaded 03/27/2023

Creativity as Limitless as the Skies: See How COC’s Aerospace & Science Team Intersected Science with Art

See how the College of the Canyon’s Aerospace and Science Team combined art, science and engineering into one experiment that transcended the limits of our sky for the team’s 2022 High Altitude Student Platform payload and experiment.

HASP is a collaboration between the NASA Balloon Program Office and Louisiana Space Consortium at Louisiana State University which provides both graduate and undergraduate students with real-world science and engineering project development experience. The COC Astronomy and Physics Club formed its Aerospace and Science Team to take on the opportunity to send experiments up into space. By 2022, the team had launched six consecutive years with HASP and three times with RockSat-X, a program that gives students the opportunity to design, build, and fly an experiment on a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket.

The experiment for 2022 was the team’s first large HASP payload. One of the things they wanted to incorporate into their project was the “A” in STEAM.

“One of the things that I wanted to bring to the team’s attention was that art and science are so simlar,” said Teresa Ciardi, the team’s advisor, “whether it’s a person that’s coming up with a new piece of artwork or a person who is coming up with a new scientific theory, you have to be creative, you have to think outside the box, outside of anything you’ve seen before.”

“I wanted to help students make that connection. Both the scientists and artists and even the engineers, you really should respect what each other does because you each bring that same creativity to the table,” added Ciardi. “And the only way you can really tell your story about your science experiment is if you bring in people from the artistic world, the people to do the visualizations, people to create the pieces of artwork that are going to draw attention to your experiment.”

Ciardi explained that, as a team from a Community College, sending their experiments through these NASA missions was an incredible feat since most of the teams that participate are typically at the university level. What’s even more incredible is that anyone can get involved and join the team including junior high school and high school students as well as alumni. As long as those interested are 12 years of age or older, Ciardi says anyone can join at any stage of the process.

Work on this year’s experiments are in full swing! If you’d like to learn more about the Astronomy and Physics Club and the Aerospace and Science Team, visit or, if you’d like to join the team and send an experiment to space, email the advisor Teresa Ciardi at

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