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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Finding Art: Stop Motion Animator Daniela Montaño

Uploaded 04/19/2022

Finding Art: Stop Motion Animator Daniela Montaño

The following video depicts and discusses adult themes, and may not be appropriate for all ages.

Daniela Montaño is an artist from Mexico who specializes in stop-motion animation, puppet fabrication, character design and illustration. In this segment, we’ll explore some of her projects, including Momo el Mimo, the story of a mime who plays with the performance of life; Mis Delicias, a film about an elderly couple dealing with insecurities during a date night at a sex motel; and Corazón de Maguey, a story delving into the trauma of being a sexual assault survivor. Daniela is a prolific storyteller, with goals of expanding the art of stop motion in Mexico.

Learn more about her work at and find her on Instagram @Dannytoons008.

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