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Finding Art Santa Clarita | River Up, River Down – ‘River 5: In the Sky’

Uploaded 06/18/2020

River Up, River Down – ‘River 5: In the Sky’

An art piece, River 5: In the Sky, was installed into the expansive ceiling of Westfield Valencia Town Center on March 8 shortly before the state COVID-19 shutdown closed the mall to the public. Produced by Forge Ahead Arts and created by artists Martha Wilcox and Moire Lendering, the work is comprised of 150 umbrellas painted to look like water. It is part of a series of works that aspire to spark a conversation about the life-giving importance of water and how we use it, especially for those of us that live in dry places.

Due to be taken down soon, and because few were able to see it, this piece will be reinstalled on an even larger scale next year to highlight World Water Day on March 22, 2021. Another version of this work, River 6, is planned for installation this fall on the hillside along Newhall Ranch Road behind Central Park.

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