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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Finding Art: Deborah Aschheim at COC Gallery

Uploaded 02/09/2022

Finding Art: Deborah Aschheim at COC Gallery

Pamela Lewis introduces Deborah Aschheim’s exhibit at the COC Art Gallery, which features her “Never Facebook” drawing series, as well as art made with the COC Center for Civic Engagement’s PLACE project.

In both projects, Aschheim’s bold illustrations depict the human face of those engaged in social change and equity. The PLACE project includes a transdisciplinary collaboration with student artists at COC to create art that addresses issues central to Santa Clarita.

Student work will be displayed along Aschheim’s in the gallery.

To view from Aschheim, visit her website at

The gallery is on display from February 8 through March 24, 2022 at the COC Art Gallery. Deborah Aschheim will give an Artist Talk via Zoom on Tuesday, March 8 at 2:30 p.m. To sign-up for the talk or to learn more about this installation, go to

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