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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Looking Back: How Sulphur Springs USD Provided Arts Education During Distance Learning

Uploaded 03/07/2022

Looking Back: How Sulphur Springs USD Provided Arts Education During Distance Learning

In the spring of 2021, the Sulphur Springs Union School District brought artists from across different mediums to collaborate with students, working to integrate the arts into their curriculum, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and distance learning.

Now, in the spring of 2022 — and in honor of Youth Arts Month — take a look back at exactly how these artists and educators pivoted to teach arts in new ways.

For more information about Sulphur Springs Union School District, visit their website.

These segments and interview were originally recorded in spring 2021.

More on the artists below:

Throughout 2021, Brian Bon taught a virtual dance workshop to 2nd graders from Sulphur Springs Union School District. Bon has been involved in clogging full time for over 35 years, including time with The Steele Family Cloggers, as well as his family group, The Bon Family Cloggers. Brian also runs and operates POWERHOUSE!!! A dance studio that combines innovative tap, precision clogging and explosive stomp.

Joseph Peck is a professional steel drum musician with a degree in music education and a focus on world music. He is a founding member of Babylon Saints — an LA-based reggae-rock band and has performed throughout the United States. His passion to inspire and educate resonated well with Sulphur Springs Union School District students. Peck has successfully collaborated with students of all ages and ability levels, from lower elementary school to high school students.

Roxanne Jeppesen is a drummer and founder of the nonprofit Cultivating Creative Minds. After working as a music teacher in the Santa Clarita area, Jeppesen often found herself connecting schools and music teachers, and coordinating between the two. This turned into Cultivating Creative Minds, which advocates for expanded creative programs in schools while working with teachers to create learning experiences that are beneficial to everyone.

Beth Sussman is an award-winning pianist and teaching artist. She has performed internationally and worked extensively as a music director. In her teaching, Sussman employs a method that utilizes rhythm and listening skills to improve subjects such as reading comprehension and math proficiency. In addition to teaching at the Sulphur Springs Union School District, Sussman also teaches her method in various workshops and interactive assemblies.

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