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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Inside the Gallery: ‘Heartopia’ by Jennifer Korsen

Uploaded 04/03/2018

Inside the Gallery: ‘Heartopia’ by Jennifer Korsen

The MAIN’s gallery installation for February 2018 was “Heartopia” by Jennifer Korsen, an L.A. based artist.

Korsen’s gallery reception not only included displays of her artwork, an interactive installation where guests made their own heart art, and a live auction, but it was also a fundraiser to support the “What’s in Your Heart Project,” a platform created by Korsen to connect the community with charitable organizations to inspire creative expression through art.

“Heartopia” featured Korsen’s mixed media work, as well as pieces from her private collection.

Watch above to see the gallery reception and the artwork was on display during February. Head to to see all upcoming installations.

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