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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Inside the Gallery: ‘Toxikologie’ by Kitty Cutshall

Uploaded 06/26/2018

Inside the Gallery: ‘Toxikologie’ by Kitty Cutshall

The art gallery at The MAIN in Old Town Newhall features “Toxikologie,” an exhibition showcasing vibrant, layered polyptych-style works, inspired by both Harajuku high fashion and medieval altarpiece forms, by artist Kitty Cutshall.

Driven by an equal love for both the arts and sciences, Cutshall’s inspiration for “Toxikologie” arises from religious symbolism and medieval plague-era imagery, juxtaposed with the childlike, colorful world of Harajuku Decora street fashion in Japan. For her series, Cutshall compares the manner in which professional toxicologists study chemical effects on human health – whether beneficial, harmful or benign – to the manner in which aesthetic and emotional toxicity or innocence is interpreted through cultural images. Cutshall’s technique involves hundreds of thin layers of acrylic paint for depth of color, including neon pigments, glow-in-the-dark paint and varnishes to create different lighting effects. These are then manipulated in a collage process with glitter, crystals, illustrations and even stickers, to layer imagery and allegory. Cutshall says she has been drawing since the age of one and that her work is “intentionally full of symbols so that there is something for everyone to interpret.”

The exhibition will be on display through Friday, July 13, 2018.

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