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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Tiffany Lantello

Uploaded 12/29/2019

Tiffany Lantello

Versatile musician, Tiffany Lantello received a Bachelor’s of Music from Cal State Northridge, where she studied film scoring, jazz arranging, classical trumpet performance, and vocal performance. While earning a Master’s in Fine Arts from California Institute of the Arts, she continued her compositional and performance practice from world-renowned musicians. There, she expanded her musical palette by studying North Indian Classical music on the sitar. Her study influenced many original compositions for sitar and string quartet, as well as a sitar concerto, called Garland of Melodies. The guitar-voice duo she performs in explores her passion for Brazilian music. Her priority in her music-making is to be honest and genuine to her expression, and being a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for various styles of music allows her the breadth to do so.

Tiffany loves teaching and sees it as an honor to be guiding others. She teaches, orchestrates, arranges, writes, performs, and records her original music and songs as well as working collaboratively with other artists. “Music is everything to me. Music is joy, it’s love, it’s a safe haven – I just want to share that with people. Sierra and the team at SCVTV has found a way to capture some of that to help me share it with others. I am happy, proud, and grateful to be part of this documentary series.”

For more information, visit:
Or follow her on Facebook @tiffanylantellomusic; Instagram @tiffanymlantello; and YouTube.

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