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Finding Art Santa Clarita | 2019 Sidewalk Poetry Contest: Abi Wurdeman

Uploaded 12/09/2020

2019 Sidewalk Poetry Contest: Abi Wurdeman

2019 Sidewalk Poetry poet Abi Wurdeman discusses what inspired her winning entry and why she is excited to have her words imprinted on the sidewalk.

Wurdeman was selected for the 2019 Sidewalk Poetry project; each winning poem from the year was stamped into a rehabilitated sidewalk for public viewing.

For more, visit Abi Wurdeman’s Twitter (, Instagram (, or blog (

All winners, along with their poems, may also be viewed online at

There is still time to submit a poem for the 2021 Sidewalk Poetry Project; to submit a short poem for consideration, visit The deadline to submit is December 15, 2020.

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