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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Daryl Bibicoff’s ‘In Motion Series’

Uploaded 08/05/2021

Daryl Bibicoff’s ‘In Motion Series’

It’s a colorful collection of pieces, each offering an opportunity to be whisked away as if the viewer is, in fact, in motion: artist Daryl Bibicoff’s “In Motion Series” was showcased at the Town Center Art Space at the Westfield Valencia Town Center, giving mall patrons an opportunity to be immersed in the colorful movement and perspectives offered in the multi-piece collection.

Bibicoff’s series touches upon his passion for movement as well as his beliefs in breaking down barriers and establishing peace between all people. This harmonization of movement with the social and political can especially be seen in the piece “People Thriving with Rainbow Colors in Motion”, an 8′ x 10′ freestanding arc that was the centerpiece of this showcase.

The “In Motion Series” was showcased at the Town Center Art Space from June 8 to August 4, 2021. To see more of his work and to keep updated on his future gallery showings, head to

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