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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Nadiya Littlewarrior

Uploaded 12/19/2018

Nadiya Littlewarrior

Nadiya Littlewarrior is an Award winning Native American contemporary Gourd Artist. She operates Spirit Vessels Studio, “They are Spirit Vessels to me because The Creator makes the Gourd People and puts their spirit in them and I get to dress them with regalia.”

Coming from a long line of artists, Littlewarrior’s family and her Potawatomi and Cherokee heritage inspires her art.


Littlewarrior was highlighted during this season’s Finding Art.

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1 Comment for Finding Art: Nadiya Littlewarrior
  1. Cheryl Dellepiane says:

    Thank you for showcasing this amazing artist. What an informative and inspirational presentation!

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