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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Finding Art From Home: Fall 2020 SOS Theatre Festival

Uploaded 01/25/2021

Finding Art From Home: Fall 2020 SOS Theatre Festival

The MAIN hosted eight weeks of free virtual productions from Aug. 25 through Oct. 8, 2020, for Stage on Screen, where the productions centered around the theme of social media.

The lineup Included:

– Malvolio, A Sportful Malice presented by Scenic City Shakespeare

– The Tao of Farfalla directed by Ashlee Bell Caress and Garret Botts

– Like, Dreaming Backwards written by Kellie Powell

– Left to Our Own Devices directed by Cindy Marcus

– Pants Optional; Or What Lies Beneath presented by Theatre Americana

– Prometheus Online written by Micah Anthony & Canaan Smith

– Towards the Sun presented by HOPE Theatre Arts

– Connections & Confrontation presented by Bridgeway Theatre Company

Zoom audience members had the opportunity to participate in an exclusive “Audience Talkback” at the conclusion of each show to interact with and ask questions to the cast and crew.

For more information about the Stage on Screen Festival or for more about The MAIN Theatre, visit

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